Otters are comfortable with front crawl, back crawl, and breast strokes. They’re all about learning independent lap swimming. If your child can swim front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke about 20 feet, taking a breath when necessary, and is ready to build her endurance to a full length, choose Otter.

Otters learn the following:

  • Social Skills
    Child is learning with other children by watching peers attempt skills and by politely sharing class time and space with them.
  •  Building Comfort in the Lap Lanes
    Child is learning how to swim across the length of the pool to build their endurance and comfort with distance.
  • Strength, Distance, and Safety Solutions
    Child building endurance by swimming the full length or more of the pool. Child can recognize if they are tired and safely make it to the side or roll onto their back to breathe.
  •  Knowledge of Stroke Names
    Child is learning the competitive names of each stroke and how to respond to advanced level swim directions.
  • Circle Swimming
    Child is learning how to circle swim by using the right side of the lanes to pass other swimmers. Once a length has been completed, the child then moves over to continue the lap. This helps them learn to swim in a straight line and to share space with other swimmers.
  •  Breaststroke
    Child understands the three step stroke sequence. They can complete a forward moving frog kick, use their arms to pull themselves up for a pop up breath, and propel themselves forward again when their face returns to the water.
  •  Freestyle
    Child understands how to correctly swim freestyle. Child has strong understanding of side breathing and can complete the full length of the pool unassisted to build endurance.
  •  Backstroke
    Child understands cross pattern movement on back and is learning to swim this stroke for an increasingly longer amount of time.
  •  Treading
    Child understands how to tread and either float or swim back to a safe spot when tired.
  •  Independence, Confidence, and Safety
    Child’s comfort level is established and growing. They can recognize the safest ways to enter and exit the pool as well as respect the water.

Please Note:

Due to limited availability, birthday parties are only for those who hold an active Academy Membership. Memberships are pre-purchased and paid ($1300) and are valid for 6 months. You must be a current Academy Member to book a party. No exceptions.