Swim Classes

Is your swimmer looking for a team experience?

We have 2 team groups, the Pre-PRO for an introduction not teams and the Team Venom group for the full experience. 

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Class Levels

PRO Babies

are our youngest and bravest swimmers, who have typically already completed our Swim Babies class. 

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Ducklings & Ducks

are a little unsure about this whole swim class thing. They’re often anxious about getting in the water.

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are pretty chill in the pool. They’re ready to level up their swimming skills and learn how to propel themselves in the water.

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are getting more confident as swimmers. They’re like “I got this! I’m ready to learn basic stroke mechanics!”

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understand the individual elements of swimming and are ready to start combining them into full strokes.

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are comfortable with front crawl, back crawl, and breast strokes. They’re all about learning independent lap swimming.

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River Dolphins

are proficient swimmers! They’re ready to master more difficult and advanced skills.

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are strong swimmers ready for a bigger challenge. They’re on board to learn the final technical and competitive elements.

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Please Note:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are currently not offering birthday parties at this time. We plan to resume parties early in 2021. If you have an Academy Membership and have not  been unable to schedule your party, we will be extending the expiration date by one year. Thank you for your understanding, stay healthy!