PRO Babies

PRO Babies are our youngest and bravest swimmers, who have typically already completed our Swim Babies class. They’re ready for more independence and a little time in the water without mom or dad.

If your child is between 16-30 months and has already had formal lessons, PRO Babies is the level for you. PRO Babies learn the following: 

  • Parent Trust
    Child is maturing through their separation anxiety and learning to trust that their parent will return at the end of class.
  • Teacher Trust
    Child is learning to respond well to the Professor while building a bond to help the progress in the water.
  • Social Skills
    Child is either watching or interacting with other children for the benefits of a socialized learning environment. This helps with cue recognition, sharing, and teacher interaction.
  • Water Comfort
    Child is comfortable being completely wet. This includes having water sprinkled over the face or being gently splashed.
  • Stationary Back Float
    Child is learning to float comfortably while being held by a Professor without moving. Stationary floating helps the child learn to position their body on top of the water and successfully float independently.
  • Roll Over to Moving Back Float
    Child is learning to roll from front to back with the help of a Professor. Child is also learning to propel themselves backward while staying on top of the water.
  • Forward Movement with Alligator Kicks
    Child is learning to propel themselves forward by keeping the alligator arm formation while kicking legs at the same time.
  • Paddle Arms
    Child is exploring moving their arms while swimming with the support of the Professor.
  • Increased Cross Patterning Movement
    Child can move arms and legs opposite of each other.
  •  Increased Body Awareness
    Child understands how to adjust their body to the correct positions in the water.
  •  Safety Jump
    Child is learning a fully assisted jump off the side of the pool while being held by the Professor. Child does not submerge until independence/confidence grows.
  • Independence, Confidence, and Safety
    Child’s understanding of boundaries and safety rules is growing. Child’s comfort level is established enough to grow independence and want to try new things. Child has overcome any separation or water anxiety.

Please Note:

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