Turtles understand the individual elements of swimming and are ready to start combining them into full strokes. If your child can swim a basic front and back crawl unassisted for a few feet and is ready to learn the breaststroke and how to incorporate breathing into all strokes, choose Turtle.

Turtles learn the following:

  • Social Skills
    Child watches peers attempt skills and politely shares class time and space with them.
  • Frog Kicks with PopUp Breathing
    Child understands how to move legs in a three step motion in the beginning stages of breaststroke. Child uses a kickboard to propel themselves forward while using pop up breathing after every sequence.
  • Adding Pulls to Breaststroke with Pop Up Breathing
    Child is learning how to move arms in a three step motion to put together with their frog kicks to complete the breaststroke with pop up breathing.
  • Freestyle with Rollover Breathing
    Child understands how to propel themselves forward using paddle arms while practicing cross pattern movement. Child can roll over to breathe and continue swimming.
  • Freestyle with Side Breathing
    Child understands how to propel themselves forward using paddle arms and is learning how to take a breath on their side.
  • Using Breathing to Increase Endurance
    Child understands multiple ways to breathe safely while being able to propel themselves forward again after completing the breath. Child is building endurance and ability to move forward after breathing.
  • Backstroke Endurance
    Child understands the cross patterning movement on back and is learning to swim more independently this way with ease.
  •  Understanding Circle Swimming
    Children are learning the concept of circle swimming by moving down the bench and swimming on the right side of the section. Children then turn and swim on the right side while passing other students in a circle formation.
  •  Safety Jump
    Child jumps into the water independently and can begin to return to the wall safely.
  •  Introduction to Treading with Safety Jump
    Child is learning to tread and either float or swim back to a safe spot after performing a safety jump.

Please Note:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are currently not offering birthday parties at this time. We plan to resume parties early in 2021. If you have an Academy Membership and have not  been unable to schedule your party, we will be extending the expiration date by one year. Thank you for your understanding, stay healthy!